Money. iDeliverd Debit Card

iDeliverd Money, Financial Convenience.

iDeliverd (PCI-DSS Compliant) has launched a new financial division, iDeliverd Money. This service include Debit Card linked to in-app wallet for both customer and partners. This means that you can spend the credit you have on your iDeliverd wallet on the app or by using your issued iDeliverd Debit Card in stores or withdraw cash in any currency from an ATM anywhere in the world. For iDeliverd partners, you can now recieve your earnings directly on to your issued iDeliverd Money Debit Card and nolonger have to wait for days for funds to reflect into your nominated bank account. Other features include; funds transfer from one card to another within iDeliverd in-app wallet leveraging money transfer capabilities within the convenience platform. Tranfers secured by One Time Pin. This service is currently available to all iDeliverd onboard customers accross the globe.

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